‘Human Microbiome Market: Focus on Therapeutics (including gut-brain: RootsAnalysis:


Key Inclusions
 A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of microbiome therapeutics, providing information on drug / therapy developer(s) (such as year of establishment, location of headquarters and company size), clinical study sponsor(s) or collaborators, phase of development (clinical, preclinical, and discovery stage) of product candidates, type of molecule (small molecule and biologic), type of therapy (prebiotic, probiotic, and prescription drug), target indication(s), key therapeutic area(s), molecular / biological target (if available), mechanism of action (if available), route of administration, type of drug formulation (tablet, capsule, gel, lotion, cream, ointment, nasal spray and 4+ categories), dosing frequency (reported for clinical candidates only), and information on special drug designations (if any). In addition, the chapter highlights the various technology platforms that are being actively used for the development of microbiome therapeutics.

 Elaborate profiles of key players (established after 2005) that are engaged in the development of microbiome therapeutics (which are presently in both preclinical and clinical stages of development); each profile features a brief overview of the company, its financial information (if available), microbiome-based product portfolio, information on advanced stage (phase II and above) pipeline candidates (featuring a drug overview, current status of development, clinical trial information, and clinical trial end-point analysis) and an informed future outlook.


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