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Saying that there are a million details involved in a move might be exaggerating, but not by much. Your circumstances and your lifestyle will determine the specific complexities of your move, but there are some general tips and advice for moving that will be helpful for just about anybody.

Get Organized

Getting things done as soon as possible after you know your move date will give you plenty of time to sort the complexities out. Many people find it helpful to start a binder or folder specifically for documents related to their long distance move. The binder can contain receipts, appointments and several lists. You will want several lists, such as a list of important documents, a list of people or firms that need to be notified of the move, a list of items to get rid of and a list of tasks that need to be completed. If you have items that need special handling during your move, such as an antique china set or furniture, talk to us about accommodating these items. To begin:

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Decide what items you will move
Purge any items you don’t want to move
Sketch out new furniture arrangements
Organize files and clutter
Schedule utilities turn on/shut off

Once you have the actual move scheduled and arranged, you will want to think about such things as disconnecting utilities in your old home and having them connected at your new home. You will also want to start on projects such as defrosting the refrigerator and emptying gasoline out of power equipment. You can submit a change of address form with the post office four or five weeks ahead of your move. This will help prevent missed mail or having to retrieve mail from your old address. A yard sale a few weeks before your move may take up some of your time, but it may give you more money to work within your moving budget.

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