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Trackless trains are hot-sale these days. There are more than 20 types of trackless train sets in our factory. From vintage to modern appearance trains, from capacity 18 to 42... Read More

Most of family rides have large capacity. They have a large cabin which could contains 4 or more passengers at the same time. They are suitable for a 3 or... Read More

They usually designed with animals shape, for example ducks, rabbit and so on. These trains usually trapped by a track, because most of parties are hold in a small venue.... Read More

With its small size, backyard roller coaster rides can be used in different places. Except the backyard, they can also be used at the funfairs, amusement park, squares and theme... Read More

When everything is ready, owners will press the start button, tagada ride begin to rotate, at first, it is slowly, but gradually, it rotate fast. When one side is up,... Read More

They are many tourist road trains for sale in our factory. Most of these train rides are trackless tourist train while others are track trains. Here we will show you... Read More

Kids Electric Train, Kids Mini Train, Kids Track train rides for sale with the most preferential price. If you are looking for one Mini Trackless Trains for kids for sale,... Read More

We offer all kinds of new trackless and track trains. Except for the amusement park train rides, we also produced other kiddie rides which is similar with the train rides.... Read More

we have 3,4,5 and 6 ring roller coaster with high quality which has been exported to many countries. For small and mini roller coaster, we have many models of dragon... Read More

The electric sightseeing bus adopts the battery-powered driving mode, and does not emit harmful gas that pollutes the atmosphere itself. It can be used when the battery is charged. Since... Read More