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Lawn Mower | Agriculture equipment

A lawnmower is garden machinery connected to revolving blades to cut the grass in lawns, gardens, nurseries to an even height that improves the appearance. Kisankraft offers a wide range... Read More

Post hole digger | Agriculture Engine

Post hole digger is used to make holes for plantations in the agriculture field, fencing around agriculture fields, homes, and gardens. Kisankraft’s Post hole digger is a very efficient machine... Read More

Mosquito Fogging Machine | Agriculture equipment

A mosquito fogging machine is a device that creates a fog, typically containing a solution for killing insects and other bugs. Thermal fogger KK-TF-8625S is a Lightweight and easy-to-use thermal... Read More

Fogging Machine | Agriculture equipment

Fogging machine is also called as fogger. is used to emit smoke or spray chemicals in a very fine drops to eliminate insect, flies etc. it can be used in... Read More

Manual sprayers manufacturer in India

Manual sprayer KK-16 L is a lightweight, easy-to-operate sprayer Ideal for spraying insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides to protect the crop from pest attack. It has various applications and are used... Read More

Manual sprayer manufacturer in India

A manual sprayer is an agricultural spraying tool used to spray chemicals on bugs and other poisonous substances to protect crops from pests. KisanKraft manual sprayers come with corrosion-resistant plastic... Read More

Leaf Blower | Agriculture equipment

Leaf blowers are a garden tool used for gathering dead leaves from garden and house surroundings. KisanKraft Leaf Blower is a 2-stroke garden tool that blows air through the nozzle... Read More

Paddy Transplanter | Agriculture equipment

Paddy transplanter is agriculture equipment used for transplanting rice seedlings at a specified depth and space. Kisankraft’s KK-RRT-8R is an 8 row 4 stroke diesel Paddy Transplanter powered by 4HP,... Read More

chaff cutter | Agriculture equipment

Kisankraft’s Chaff cutter is an idle farm machine for farmers having livestock. they are durable, low-maintenance and long lasting machine. Kisankraft’s Chaff cutter HP (Electric Motor): 2.2-3,kW(3-4 hp),HP (Diesel Engine):... Read More

Hoe Cutter | Agriculture equipment

the kisan kraft kk-hc-2126 suitable for: fb-bc-8652, fb-bc4-8636, kk-sbc2-jp43, kk-sbc-4302,weight: 6kg,diameter: 260 mm, shaft size: 26mm, gear shaft: 14.5cm.hoe cutter for brush cutter tiller attachment is used to make the... Read More