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In A Law from Eden: Solving the Mystery of Original Sin, author Marilyn Taplin looks to the Bible to show that the true original sin is not pride or the... Read More

Everybody needs humor in their lives. Laughter is the best way to make life worthwhile. As people say, it is like music for the soul. Sure enough, people are provided... Read More

Monique loves to cook, crochet Afghans, travel, read romance novels, and now is writing them as well. Monique is a romantic at heart. Monique Boyd was born in New Jersey... Read More

Books that are either published or will be published authored by Dr. Len Bergantino as these books were written as the thing-in itself and were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit to... Read More

When Conrad Arlington Hill is suddenly dumped by his girlfriend, Abigail McCloud, he suffers irreparable hurt. So much that he conspires with his friend Ed to seek revenge on Abigail.... Read More

Founded by the Jain Family the Vijayshri Group has moved miles, and crossed mountains to reach its present stature. From a business of Stationery trading to now Exercise Book Manufacturing... Read More

The objective, with which Sura Books was launched in 2004 was making books and providing them to people present all over the internet. But, our initiative spread and has entered... Read More

Be practical – root your expectations and goals practically. Don’t be whimsical and “pie in the sky” assuming that the other side is dumb. For example, don’t be like... Read More

Critical thinking is the analysis and assessment of facts to make a decision or judgement. I would think of critical thinking as one of the toolsets required for strategic thinking.... Read More

Adilabtech provied latest technology product

Adilab Technologies Pvt Ltd, was founded in the year 2014, with a vision to serve science. It is head-quartered in Bangalore with branch offices in Pune, Chennai, Trivandrum and Hyderabad;... Read More