Graders & Exporters of Second Hand Clothing & Shoes

We are Graders & Exporters of Second Hand Clothing & Shoes, since 1992. We are one of the few companies that specializes in exporting full 40’ containers of just Used Shoes and are considered an industry leader in this field. Samiyatex basically specializes in 2 regions of the world. One part of our warehouse is dedicated to exporting to Central America & South America and which demands the very best quality used shoes & used clothing with the latest fashion and lots of good American brand names but is also willing to pay a good price.
The second section of our warehouse focus’s on Africa, that is looking to buy high volume of good quality second hand shoes & clothing at a competitive price. And so we do our best to give each region exactly what it wants and have an amazing team of employees who have been working for us many years. At Samiyatex, your success is our success!
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