How Much Is My Omega Watch Worth?

One of the first questions you have when considering selling your Omega is, ‘What is my Omega watch worth?’ Omega watches are renowned for their craftsmanship, quality and rich heritage, contributing to their increased demand and popularity among collectors. Therefore, whether you have an Omega SuperOcean or Omega Navitimer, be confident of securing a good value.

As a leading pre-owned watch buyer in the UK, we can give you the best possible price for your timepiece. Our watch experts have dealt with secondhand Omega watches for over 40+ years and ensure a competitive rate for any pre-owned Omega model. It doesn’t matter whether you have a vintage or new, men’s or women’s Omega timepiece; we accept watches in any condition. Our professionals will look at your watch’s model, age, condition, rarity, provenance & also current market demand to add to your watch’s worth.

At Luxbrokers, we have a reputation for providing top cash prices for all pre-owned Omega models and will thoroughly assess every aspect of your timepiece to pay you a competitive price. Get a fast cash payout the same day. Book an appointment now!