How to setup Linksys extender?

The most easy steps to Install Linksys Wifi Extender
-Connection the PC to the Ethernet port of the reach extender utilizing an Ethernet cable.
-connect the reach extender to the power plug. Guarantee that the LED light is stable.
-Open the internet browser and type the router IP address in the Address bar.
-Now fill in their username and password.Leave the user name clear and type —administrator in the Password field. Select the Login option.setup linksys extender
-Select Wireless and the Basic Wireless Settings choice.
-Appoint the wireless catch to Manual and type the router Network name.
-Now go for security settings :
-Type the passphrase or WEP Key on the pursuit bar and select Save Settings.
-Segregate the force link from the router and the reach
for 30 seconds.
-Forgo continuing until the lights are steady and afterward embed the reach extender.

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