Monel K500 Pipes & Tubes Suppliers In India

The Pipes go under the ASTM B163 and ASTM B165 specifications. These particulars follow the ASTM, ASME, and API standards point rules. The levels of the Monel K500 Tube range from 15 NB to 150 NB, with the thicknesses going from 0.6mm to 20mm. The external width of the Tubes ranges from 6.35mm to 254mm. The UNS N05500 tubing can come in various lengths, for example, single sporadic, twofold capricious, or slice-to-length sizes. The terminations of the Pipes can shift. Pipes can be straight, skewed, or wandering. There are, unsurprisingly, ERW, welded, and made pipes.

The K500 Monel Seamless Pipe has less through-and-through brutality and is correspondingly more exact than different sorts of Pipes. In this way, the Pipes can be round or strain-driven in structure. The chemical composition of the material has 63% nickel, 27% copper, titanium, iron, silicon, manganese, aluminium, and carbon. This development gives the ASME SB165 Monel Welded Pipe 790 MPa of least yield strength and 1100 MPa of least resoluteness. The softening spot of the Pipes is also high at 1350 degrees Celsius. This suggests that the Pipes can work at high temperatures. Please go ahead and connect with us for extra data on various things, like the K500 Monel Composite ERW Pipe and the costs.