Indoor Activities During Pandemic!

In this corona time, let’s play some indoor Activities/games !!

Now we all know that lockdown has been finished but the coronavirus is still here, so we need to be very careful.

Go outside for important needs and works only and don’t let your children go outside for playing and all. There are lots of indoor Activities/games and online games to engage with. Online games like ps4, candy crush, and many more are becoming very popular these days. There is a need for indoor games and online games especially these days because children love to play and these days they are going school at well so we have to take off their mental health along with physical health.

Indoor games
Here we come up with some interesting and amazing indoor Activities/games and online games :

It’s a really great indoor game to play. Playing with UNO cards is so easy and interesting. The key is that you have to finish your cards and the one who finishes the cards first, will win the game. There are some special cards like skip, drew two, draw four, and reverse the order. The meaning of these is simply that we can see by their names and don’t forget to say UNO when you just the second last one to do UNO. It happens with many that they forgot to said UNO and lost the game.

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