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The D-link AC 1200 wifi range extender is used to extend the secure wireless signal at your home, allowing you to share the higher speed internet compared to the previous... Read More

D-link extender setup could be done by three ways: Using D-link setup wizard from web browser(via dlinkap.local or dlinkrouter.local) Using Web protected Setup (WPS) Using QRS mobile app Prior to D-link extender setup, ensure... Read More

dlinkap.local : How do I access my Dlinkap local ?

A user can also set up a Wireless schedule in his extender using the web interface of the dlinkap.local window. The wireless schedule is an efficient feature to limit the... Read More

dlinkap.local is used as default dlink extender login domain address to access the web management interface or GUI of the D-link extender. Read more at https://dlinkextndersetup.com/dlinkap-local/ https://dlinkextndersetup.com/disclaimer/ https://dlinkextndersetup.com/privacy-policy/... Read More

Logging into the D-Link range extender is easy through dlinkap.local. From a connected PC, launch a browser and type the default gateway address in its address field. Access the dlink... Read More

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