The “High Energy Chemistry / Hazardous Chemistry Services Market, 2020-2030<RootsAnalysis>

Key Inclusions
 A detailed review of the overall landscape of companies offering contract and custom services for HEC / hazardous chemistry-based API manufacturing, along with information on type of manufacturer (contract and custom manufacturer), year of establishment, company size, location of headquarters, number and location of manufacturing facilities, general service portfolio (type of product (APIs, intermediates, and drug products), HPAPI manufacturing capability and availability of continuous flow technology), HEC specific service portfolio (type of conditions handled such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure for API manufacturing processes).
 A detailed list of close to 150 manufacturing facilities equipped to handle API manufacturing processes / reactions under high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and low pressure conditions. The chapter features geographical map representations highlighting the location of these manufacturing facilities, along with logo landscape of manufacturers. The chapter also presents a detailed regional capability assessment framework which compares the capabilities of companies (based on manufacturing facilities) across different regions. It further includes information on type of reaction conditions handled (high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure) and operating range.
 A competitiveness 3-D bubble analysis of HEC / hazardous chemistry-based contract and custom manufacturers, taking into consideration supplier strength (based year of establishment), service strength (general service portfolio (API, intermediate and FDF, availability of continuous flow technology), HEC / hazardous chemistry-based service portfolio
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