There is a Difference in Being a Victim Versus Being a Victor

Everyone is on a journey called life. Along the journey, we come across different experiences and situations. In other words, we’re presented with challenges and choices that either hold us back or move us forward. We then become the person we are or aren’t designed to be based on the choices we make or how we handle challenges. From there, we could conclude whether it’s a good experience or a bad one – a life well lived or a life wasted.

Dave was 12-years-old when he was struck with polio (known by the dreaded name of Infantile Paralysis during the 1940s). He spent over five months in an iron lung and another four months in rehabilitation therapy. Dave endured painful treatments and tried to be brave despite being frightened whenever he heard the “death wagon” coming down the hallway. At night, Dave often shook with fear and sometimes wondered if the people pushing the “death wagon” were coming for him. He weighed about 100 pounds when he entered the hospital; when he got out of the hospital, he had lost 50 pounds.

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