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Trendy Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish
Jan 19, 2023 / Post by by Darshana Rathi
Ever heard of Cat Eye Nailpolish? If not, Beromt got you covered with its mesmerizing Magnetic Cat Eye Nailpolish Range.

Cats are loved by everyone for their cuteness and their eyes. The mystical appearance of a cat eye is what makes it so strikingly appealing. This beauty trend will surely take you down memory lane thanks to science. The cat-eye look can be created with the metallic pigments in the nail polish and a magnet. Cats have the most appealing eyes and that is converted into mesmerizing nail polish that gives cat eye sclinting effect.

You may have heard of the multichrome magnetic nail polish if you keep up with nail art trends. This nail polish contains plenty of little metallic particles that get activated when a magnet or small magnetic disc is present in its vicinity. The best thing is that you can create different shapes, nail art designs, and patterns on your nails in a hassle-free manner. You simply need a magnetic disc that consists of metals that are arranged in different patterns. So, if bright and textured nail art sounds good to you, you should try the all-new Beromt Multichrome Magnetic Nail Polishes.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on manicures when you can get elegant and chic nails at home. With Beromt Multichrome Magnetic Nail Polishes, it is possible to achieve salon-style nail art at home! Plus, the cat-eye effect in multi-colors looks scintillating from every angle! This collection has 6 popular cat-eye shades.

How to Apply? –

Prep nails with Beromt Smoothing Base Coat.
Apply 1 coat of your favorite Multichrome Magnetic Nail Polish to all 10 nails and let dry. (Optional: apply 1 coat of black nail polish before the first coat of magnetic polish for better opacity.)
Apply a second, thick coat of multichrome magnetic polish on 1 nail. Ensure the polish is thick, but not dripping.
Immediately after application, hold the magnet 1/4 inch away from the nai