Understand why you should integrate ERP and MarTech

Connect and Interact with your Consumers Efficiently
Many small and medium business activities such as email marketing and social media response are made easier by MarTech tools, as it automates them to allow organizations engage customers effectively. Using the social networking marketing tools like HootSuite, Buffer, Adobe Spark, and AgoraPulse systems linked with the ERP systems, makes it easy to dialogue with the customers, concerning updates on shipment offers, promotions, or even new product releases. Moreover, this integration not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also it augments brand sustainability as it addresses numerous users on various channels and has a reciprocate interaction with them.
Act according to Specific Idea
One of the sides of the business is the front-end that includes, for example, marketing and sales, or MarTech, which deals with understanding consumers’ preferences, gathering market data, and utilizing consumer-focused marketing strategies. Thus, when the integration of an ERP system strengthens other MarTech tools, a business can receive triggered data on targeted marketing. Similar to this, integrating a discount tool such as Shopify with the ERP systems will result in automatic promo messages broadcasting that is inventory-based; consequently, will help to boost up the sales strategies and overall profitability at its best. Also, tools like SEMRush or Leadlander can provide the required competitive intelligence information, thus, its clients know the exact marketing strategies and remain leaders.

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Integrating ERP with MarTech for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

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