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Tagplus-T USB Temperature Data Logger for vaccines

Vaccines are usually made from live pathogens, proteins, or other biological molecules and are temperature-sensitive. Temperature monitoring is critical during the manufacturing, storage, transportation, and distribution of vaccines. USB Temperature... Read More

Buy Chinese kitchenware products China | China sourcing agency | Logistics-9

Source high quality wholesale kitchen appliances & essentials from reliable chinese suppliers at affordable factory prices with Logistics 9, your trustworthy yiwu agent. When sourcing high-quality kitchen appliances and essentials from... Read More

Seafood USB temperature recorder with pdf

Seafood is easily affected by temperature and deteriorates, so the seafood will be refrigerated or frozen, and the temperature must be monitored. USB temperature recorder is very suitable for seafood... Read More

Temperature humidity data logger is mainly used in food, medicine, vaccines, biological reagents, and other places where environmental temperature and humidity need to be monitored and recorded. It can also... Read More

Shipping temperature recorder manufacturers

The shipping temperature recorder is a temperature monitoring device used for air, sea, and land transportation. It can be used to monitor the temperature during the transportation of fruits, vegetables,... Read More

Insulin is mainly composed of protein and has very high-temperature requirements. The optimal storage temperature is 2°C to 8°C. Too high or too low temperature will affect the activity of... Read More

Indoor environment temperature and humidity monitoring is very necessary for the storage or life of items. The storage of many items requires a suitable temperature and humidity environment, such as... Read More

Bananas are easily affected by temperature and humidity during transportation or storage, causing them to rot and deteriorate. Cold chain management is very important for the storage of bananas, and... Read More

This 200A CCS2 connector is its compatibility with the IEC62196 standard. CCS2, also known as Combined Charging System 2, is a standard for DC Fast Charging plugs widely adopted... Read More

Pharmacy LCD Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Many pharmaceuticals have relatively high requirements for temperature and humidity and require professional cold chain management for both transportation and storage. In order to ensure that medicines are stored in... Read More